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Powered Paragliders, Paramotors & Flying Go Carts

Travel to the Texas Lakes & Hill Country – Learn to Fly in 4-7 Days!

Powered Paragliding is perhaps one of the most exhilarating, freeing sports you will ever encounter.  Our training is conducted by military vets, in order to ensure you are as safe as possible. Having said that, we want to make sure everyone across America receives proper training, to keep this beautiful sport as safe as possible. To help out our customers traveling great distances to receive our A+ training. We offer FREE accommodations to students. Relax on sight, and don’t worry about hotel expenses. We also have a lake you can cool off in after training! Our facilities include recreation such as Air Hockey, Theater, pool, darts, and pinball, for non flying activities. Come make a holiday out of training, READ MORE about our facilities.

Learn to Fly for as low as $1200.00!

US Paragliding celebrates its 14th year in 2018. We thank all our loyal students and customers who have been with us from the beginning making our company a leader in the paragliding industry.

Over the years we have made it our mission to offer products for everyone verses pushing everyone into to one piece of gear. We provide you with a full service training facility. From our humble beginnings in 2004 at Homestead airfield FL, to Kitty Hawk in San Antonio , to our current airfield and training center at Sunrise Beach Airfield, Located at Lake LBJ just outside Austin TX. We welcome all to enjoy our larger facility and beautiful flying venues.

If you like the video on the right, check out Green Eagle Here!
We would like to give you a big Texas welcome to our flying and powered paragliding family. Competitive prices and 10+ years of professional flying experience! We want to make your powered paragliding experience as fun and affordable as possible. For this reason, we offer private accommodations to all guests flying with us! 


Our brand new online store features harnesses, powered paragliders, paramotors, gliders, powered parachutes, emergency reserve parachutes and more!



Welcome to our new site! We would highly suggest that you contact us prior to purchasing a paraglider or motor, to ensure the fit is right for you.