Thank you for 17 amazing years, and many more to come!

US Paragliding celebrates its 17th year in 2021. We thank all our loyal students and customers who have been with us from the beginning making our company a leader in the paragliding industry.

Letter From Our Owner

Over the years we have made it our mission to offer products for everyone verses pushing everyone into to one piece of gear. We provide you with a full service training facility. From our humble beginnings in 2005 at Homestead airfield FL, to Kitty Hawk in San Antonio , to our new airfield and training center at Sunrise Beach Airfield, Located at Lake LBJ just outside Austin TX. We welcome all to enjoy our larger facility and beautiful flying venues.


We now offer three large training sites and our lodging is by the lake alongside our hanger. Step outside and learn to fly. Now with our new updated website feel free to call us for details, on sales, shipping discounts, or free lodging specials at our airfield with flight training.

If it’s too windy to fly, we provide maintenance classes and hands on instruction, on various brands like Fresh Breeze, Black Hawk, Mini plane, flat top, Nirvana , and of course our brands, Fly products, Propulse, and Flying Raven to name a few. We also provide entertainment through Theater , Pool table, darts, and Air Hockey.

Learn basic paraglider repair, and inspections, various types of paragliders and differences from PPC to PPG and Parasailing to paragliding in our classroom or hanger. We have swimming, and lake activities, as the public fishing pier and launch are a block from our hanger. Boating and jets skis are readily available for fun when not flying. We focus flight training times for new students in the first 4 hours of daylight and the last four to give you the smoothest air for flight.

Over the years we have developed the best training tools that later evolved into the famous Flying Raven brand. We strive to help all who want to learn to fly a parachute or paraglide by offering our facilities to anyone with any brand. You could say we are United by flight. All our students will get tandem flights first as we have nice tandem gear, and a flight simulator on site. This is our full time job see our training syllabus.

We sell only top notch gear that is certified which means no copy gliders or Chinese copy items. You will find our prices to be among the best in the industry. We provide you with the best equipment , Italian made engines, longest warranties, certified gliders from top companies like Fly Products, Propulse, Apco, ITV, MAC Para, Dudek, and Ozone, just to name a few. We will train you on any gear so if you have purchased gear from other companies feel free to train with us at our flight school on an airfield with free lodging. See our training syllabus and learn to fly in Texas. Make Texas your destination for learning to fly, or mixing vacation with flying together. Our central location makes quick trips to Austin or San Antonio just a short drive away. Call today to book your training or to price out the latest gear in the ever evolving sport of paragliding. We welcome you to the great Texas hill country to enjoy Texas hospitality while learning to fly.

Ashton Brunner – Founder