Kangook is an internationally recognized leader in innovation, design and modularity for paramotor technologies. Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum.


This is the first paramotor in the world offering both a cage with identical sections and offering 5 different fastening systems on the same chassis.


The Kangook frame (any frame option) can be assembled in about 2 minutes. That means it’s ultra-portable and easy to travel with.


The lower your system attaches to the Kangook the more you gain maneuverability. You want the sensation of flying like a bird and this is it!


Kangook frames work with any engine/motor on the market. The chassis allows for 5 unique cage styles and 5 different hanging arm systems.

5 Frame Options

This is the world’s first paramotor solution to offer a cage with identical interchangeable sections. In fact it even has 5 different fastening systems on the same chassis to meet all your flying needs!

3 Motors to Choose From

Once you select a frame, choose from one of the following 3 motors: Vittorazi Atom 80, Moster 185 Plus, or Moster 185 Plus Dual Start.

Atom 80

By Vittorazi

Moster 185 

By Vittorazi

Moster 185 Plus Dual Start

By Vittorazi