Paramotor Wings

Magic Motor$3,600DGAC EN/LTF-B
Wasp$3,500DGAC EN/LTF-B
Luna 2$3,800DGAC
Dual$4,500DGAC EN/LTF-B
Dual Lite$4,750DGAC EN/LTF-B


Bruce Goldsmith Design – BGD

Our mission is to build gliders with personality: exceptional wings with the refined handling and innovative qualities that Bruce Goldsmith has become renowned for. We love the feeling of being connected to the air through your wing, and our wings are designed with that in mind. Our goal is to make wings pilots love to fly.
NIVIUK - Paramotor Wings


The name Niviuk name is derived from the inuit term “Niviuk Naktuk” which means “the desire of being close to something small which inspires tenderness”. At Niviuk we express that meaning through the care and attention we give to small details to create big things.
Link 2$3,925DGAC
Kougar 3$4,235DGAC EN 926-1
Dobermann 2$3,860DGAC EN 926-1
R-Bus$4,400DGAC EN 926-1
PapooseCall for pricingKITING ONLY
Boxer 2Call for pricingDGAC / EN-A
Dolpo 3Call for pricingDGAC / EN-A
DaytonaCall for pricingDGAC / EN-A
BillyCall for pricingDGAC
Jedi 2Call for pricingDGAC / EN-B
Awak 2Call for pricingEN-B
PiperCall for pricingDGAC
FuryCall for pricingDGAC
Awak 2 TandemCall for pricingDGAC
BulldogCall for pricingDGAC
StewardCall for pricingDGAC

ITV Wings

Ever since the Astérion, the first wing designed specifically for paragliding, ITV has always been involved in the evolution of the sport, peppering its history with famous names and innovations: multicells, eliptical geometry, line technologies, V-ribs, diagonal reinforcements… We’re not just about an impressive track record; we represent a passion for the wind, for gliding and for your pleasure.

APCO Aviation

APCO provides pilots with a complete range of paramotor wings designed and tested specifically for use with paramotor! From school to slalom competition wing, we offer the perfect product for any pilot. Pioneers in the sport of paramotors, we are World leaders,continuously Setting Future Standards!
ParagliderPriceBeginnerIntermediateCross CountryCompetitionTandem
AdamaCall for pricingGround Handling
KarismaCall for pricingEN-A
Thrust VCall for pricingDGAC
HybridCall for pricingEN-B
Lift 2 EZCall for pricingDGAC
Lift EZCall for pricingDGAC
Lift EZ-RCall for pricingDGAC
Vista IVCall for pricingEN-B
Force IICall for pricingDGAC
NRG XC IICall for pricingDGAC
F1Call for pricingDGAC
NRG Pro IICall for pricingSlalom Racing
Play 42 MK IICall for pricingAFNOR
Play 42 ULCall for pricingAFNOR
Game MKIICall for pricingAFNOR
Oxygen$3,490DGAC Pending
Cross$3,800DGAC Pending
Thunderbolt$3,950DGAC Pending

Everest Gliders

Everest Gliders was created in 2019, with a mission to design ergonomic, fast and agile gliders that exhibit easy launch characteristics to fit the needs of a wide array of pilots.

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