Call for price 

The time has come to make our tandem wing, the popular FUN 42 into to be even better, safer, more responsive and much more fun to fly

Over the last 2 years of service, we collected enough feedback on FUN 42 MKII to have a clear idea what should be improved to perfect our well liked tandem into a true best seller and champion of the skies.

The aim for this project was to update the launch and ground handling with significantly reduced brake pressure. Combined with highly refined, more precise, direct and immediate handling, while maintaining same or better performance than FUN 42 MKII

(Fun 42 is one of the best glide ratio tandem gliders around)

Judging by feedback, we have fully succeeded in achieving the goals of the project . The glider was thoroughly tested by professional tandem pilots in Oludeniz, Turky (world renowned tandem site) and received thumbs up!!