ITV Bip-Bip 2


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A little bit more performance for the BIP-BIP 2!

A little bit more performance for the Bip-bip2 with this excellent passive safely level which gave the Bip-bip1 its famous reputation.

An outstanding speed with the trims all out, expending flight territories to be discovered by Mini-wing enthusiasts.


ColorOrange, Lime, Mojito
Size14, 16, 18
BIP-BIP 2141618
Flat Surface (m²)141618
Weight (kg)
Aspect ratio4.334.334.33
Number of cells303030
Minimum inflight weight range (kg)5060
Maximum inflight weight range (kg)85105
Trim speed (km/h)454545
Max speed (km/h)> 60> 60> 60