Class Schedule

We currently have a full time training staff available for your lessons. Please give us a call, and we can almost guarantee that we can work to fit your schedule for training. If you are coming from out of town, and wish to be trained all in one block, please leave 8-9 days for training. Although training can take as little as 5 days, we highly suggest you leave some margin for bad weather in your week vacation. Don’t worry, if training only takes 5 days, and you booked 9 days, you can stay for free with us for the extra 4 days, and continue to fly the beautiful Texas countryside.


Foot Launch/Backpack Training Prices

$1,800 if equipment is third party or renting
$1,500 if purchased through

Please expect extensive physical activity if learning to foot launch. You must be in good physical condition, training your strength and cardio will help prior to arriving.

Check availability for lodging on airfield


Wheel Launch Training Prices

$1,200 if equipment is third party or renting
As low as $750.00 If purchased through

If you are wheel launch training is pretty simple and will require a lot of repeat set ups to create a Personal routine.
Check availability for lodging on airfield

Powered Parachuting Training Prices

Powered Parachute training $1,500 (Must have personal gear)

Check availability for lodging on airfield

For training:
Please bring gloves that have good textile sensation such as golf or foot ball gloves, racing gloves etc. Make sure you drink water all the time during training especially if during the summer months.
All training video and tandem flights are included.
Please read our training syllabus or ask for us to email you a copy if you are unable to get it from the website.

Training schedules are discussed at booking with 40% no refundable deposit. All deposits can be utilized for training any time in a year’s period in case you have to reschedule.

We take Pay Pal, Master Card, and Visa. We offer 20% discounts to anyone in uniform, including military, firemen, police, and postmen.

We will supply radios, harness, head gear, and gliders if needed.
Students will recieve 4 hours a day minimum personal instruction. We do not do large training classes charging you 3,000 dollars to only spend a few hours with the actual instructor. My training is personal in order to give you as much knowledge as possible in a short time.
If you are purchasing equipment, ask about training specials and package deals that include extensive discounts in training.